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Colored Pencil the Old but New Medium

Posted by Ronald Shepard on November 21, 2015 at 10:30pm 1 Comment

Hi Folks,

As a Color Pencilist in realism, I want to see how many folks would be interested in learning more about Colored Pencils as a medium.  I've included an example of my work below.  Color Pencils are becoming more and more popular for their portability, non-toxic nature, and versatility.  As I teach this painterly method to folks, I see more and more seniors opting for this medium.  Recently, I had a student tell me they were glad their partner had taken my class because when they had gone on a cruise, they took out their colored pencils and painted with them during down time.  Now, you might recognize that I say painted with them; I consider what I do as a method of painting simply because it is more than a drawing.  There are layers and layers of color to create a painterly effect.  My method is not about coloring as one would do in the new craze of Adult Coloring Books (although one could theoretically apply the method in a coloring book).  

If folks…


new to the world of calendrs

Posted by frederick west on November 20, 2015 at 5:06pm 0 Comments

have been asked and have submitted twoio sets of 14 photos for calenders they are with the editors right now i am quite excited but maybe will get rejected who knows

November 2-7

Posted by ed79 on November 9, 2015 at 3:12pm 2 Comments

and I enjoyed it, thanks!

The Queens Guard Challenge

Posted by CJ Rider on November 6, 2015 at 9:30pm 1 Comment


NOVEMBER EVENT by Les Gaston-Johnston

The Queens Guard Challenge


CHANCE TO WIN a set of 12 Derwent Graphite pencils

courtesy of Les!

click this link to: …



Watercolour shingle beach painting

Started by David Arnold in Sample Title. Last reply by David Arnold Nov 15. 2 Replies

So a question for all you water colourists,Have you ever tried painting a shingle beach using masking fluid spattered on and covering with a wash and then repeating untill enough  layers have been applied ? If you have how did it work out ? Did the masking fluid come of OK or was it the disaster I imagine it to be?  I really want to give it a go so would appreciate any tips to help avoid the pitfalls that must exist.Many thanksContinue

Glassine paper for storage?

Started by Chris Stefanis in Sample Title Sep 17. 0 Replies

Hi everyone. I use glassine paper to go in between pastels for storage as it wont stick to them. Does anyone know if it can be used like this for acrylics and oils too?Continue





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