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Posted by Terry Bassett on December 10, 2014 at 11:32pm 5 Comments

Bucklebury Sand PaintBlog

Posted by Dawn on July 19, 2014 at 12:00am 3 Comments

Posted July 2014

This is not so much about a painting tip but about comments I read on a painting I posted this week

Bucklebury Sand.

I sketched an image of my grandson, in watercolours this week, and a medium I cant get used to. I am an oil painter by tradition, and love to paint bold colours esp in my portraits and hasten to add I do have a heavy vigorous approach. I often resort to the watercolour palette just to do a sketch! 

Well, a new lesson learnt!, as I thought I did not gel to watercolour.

Because, through reading the comments, it made me realize, I was actually inadvertently pushing blobs of watercolour onto the paper ( like i would with oils) and also that a comment was made "one of my best ever".. I couldnt get my head around this at first, then realized, it was also a favourable response, because I read into the message and understood, how important watercolours are. If not for me as an oil painter, to use the water colours in a gentle and calming technique, but with some speed! and that is what I did without realising, I got lost in the medium! (oh and of Imperative importance, to have the paint pallete set out ready to apply)

With oils, they generally withstand a few days on the palette, depending on pigment, versus watercolours that dry out so quickly

Well, my trial piece has been aired, and I cant wait to get a new canvas and create a new portrait of this in Oils Soon!


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